Hiring a company to manage the entire development process, from designing the idea to putting it on the market, reduces time to market, eliminates communication problems between companies, reduces rework costs, leads to a great development economy, and increase the value added and the quality of the final product.

Product Development

DevelopNow | Desenvolvimento de Produto - São Carlos
Through the experience of the group of developers the idea is formatted optimally, eradicating previously possible problems with homologation, excessive costs and technical functionality still in the stage of scope creation.

Carry out all stages of development:
- 3D design of the product;
- Hardware development;
- Firmware development;
- Interface development;
- Product design;
- Prototyping;
- Field tests;
- Search for suppliers;
- Production implementation.

Partnership with the best advertising and marketing studios in the region, we carry out all the supervision, reducing the time-to-market and guaranteeing the lowest cost among the media.

We follow the approval of the product in the competent bodies such as Anatel, Inmetro, IPT, etc.