Roll-to-roll Lab

Modular equipment according to customer needs.

  • Two drying options: Plate and Oven.

  • Six deposition options: Knife, Wire-bar, Slot-die, Spray, Flexography and Rotogravure.

  • Film analysis module with camera.

  • Substrate 110 cm long, up to 20 cm wide.

  • Substrate velocity from 5 to 300 cm / min.

  • Electronically controlled substrate tension.

  • Wi-Fi communication for control by tablet or external computer.

Can be allocated within the glove box for depositions requiring controlled atmosphere.

Main features

High quality metallic finish

The equipment has stainless steel base, giving excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. The parts and finishing plates are manufactured with high quality aluminum and surface treatment by anodizing.

Integrated syringe pump

This ensures complete control over the solution flow in the deposition processes. It can be controlled by the HMI or Tablet interface.

Parameter control by tablet

Through Wi-Fi communication the equipment can be operated by tablet, cellular or notebook to control the variables. This allows freedom for the operator in any position, even when the machine is in confined environments.

Simplified substrate bonding system

The system developed for bonding the substrate in a loop is easy to use, with efficient results in several materials. The use of termo adhesive guarantees flexibility and resistance in the joint. In addition, a manual adjustment in the angle of the rubberized cylinder compensates possible misalignment.

Controled substrate tension

Automatic function keeps the substrate tension at the selected levels, avoiding tensioning losses caused by thermal expansion and accommodation of the plastic substrates.

Modular equipment

Easily change the deposition tools without having to touch the substrate. Choose from 6 deposition techniques, 2 drying modules and the image analysis module to create the equipment that best fits your research. Purchase only those modules that you need, with the possibility of future expansion by purchasing only other modules.

Available modules

Build your equipment your way! Get only relevant modules for your researches.








Ultrassonic spray



Oven (resistance)

Oven (UV or IR)

Image analyse

High resolution camera for surface analysis of deposited films

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