Syringe pump

Compact syringe pump for applications in confined environments.

  • Independent control system, allows the operation of the equipment at a distance.

  • All metal construction, guaranteeing better resistance and finish.

  • Reverse-direction latch allows injection and suction through the syringe.

  • Flows between 2.08 μL / hr and 33.3 mL / min (1999 mL / hr)


Main features

Independent control system

The independent control module allows remote or indoors pump operation, ensuring operator safety.
The control is given by a simple and intuitive interface. With membrane keyboard and high quality display, it guarantees a longer life of the equipment even under constant use.

Reverse-direction latch

Allows pump operation for injection and suction in controlled mode.

Metal finishing

Equipment all built in aluminum and anodized, ensuring an excellent finish and superior service life.

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