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Weler is DevelopNow's line of laboratory equipment. Aligning the excellence in the development of electronic systems with innovation through research. The equipment is designed by and for researchers, making the use simple, accurate and reproducible.


Weler | Roll-to-roll Laboratorial, R2R Lab

Modular equipment according to customer needs.

  • Two drying options: Plate and Oven

  • Six deposition options: Knife, Wire-bar, Slot-die, Spray, Flexography and Rotogravure.

  • Film analysis module with camera.

  • Wi-Fi communication for control by tablet or external computer.

Weler | Bomba de seringa compacta, compact syringe pump

Compact syringe pump for applications in confined environments.

  • Independent control system, allows the operation of the equipment at a distance.

  • All metal construction, guaranteeing better resistance and finish.

  • Reverse-direction latch allows injection and suction through the syringe.

  • Flows between 2.08 μL/hr e 33,3 mL/min (1999 mL/hr)

Base vidro c papel.png

Manual knife type applicator for testing of inks and substrates with micrometer thickness adjustment.

  • Stainless steel blade with easy to remove system for cleaning and replacement.

  • Working area dimensions: 100, 150, 200 mm. (special dimensions on request)

  • Construction in anodized aluminum or Teflon for special applications.

Weler | Glove-box Inox, Stainless steel glovebox

Glove-box in stainless steel guarantees better mechanical and solvents resistance.

  • Ante-chamber for entry and exit of materials with 3-way control (nitrogen / closed / vacuum) and own gauge.

  • Fully removable side to insert large equipment inside the main chamber.

  • Dimensions: 1050 x 600 x 600 mm. (special dimensions on request)

  • Plugs and electrical cables inside.


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